How To Improve Your Home Security

According to the FBI, 19.1% of the 7.9 million property crimes in 2016 were burglaries.

This translates to 1.5089 million burglaries a year or 4,133 cases daily.

It means that it doesn’t matter how hard you’ve been working to keep the bad guys away. You simply can’t down your tools. You must continue seeking new ways to better secure your home. Below are few ideas you should consider;

Install a home security system

This should be one of the very first steps in securing your home.

Pick a security system with all the bells and whistles, including motion detectors, alarms, and so on.

And, ensure to place a sign in the yard saying that the home is armed with a security system.

Just seeing the sign alone can make burglars skip over your house.

Monitor your home with security cameras

If you’ve not installed home security cameras yet, this is the time to do so. First off, burglars who see cameras are less likely to continue with the robbery. Secondly, even if the robbery goes on, hi-tech cameras make it a lot easier to track down the robbers. Some cameras even send the homeowner alerts via email or SMS if suspicious activity is detected.

Install motion activated outdoor flood lights

The best thing about these floodlights is that you get to choose the range and sensitivity. You can choose to illuminate only a small section of the front door or set the system to light up the entire compound. Most intruders will take off as soon as the light comes on. “Additionally, if paired with your camera system, you’ll be able to monitor your yard more clearly” say home security review on their site

Plant thorny shrubs around the windows

More than half of all break-ins are through the window. There are many reasons for this including the fact that windows, compared to doors, are typically easier to break down. Also, most homeowners tend to focus too much on securing doors at the expense of windows. Planting thorny shrubs around the windows helps to keep burglars at bay.

Make sure your house has a proper, well-known address

In case of a break-in, you want the police to find your home as quickly as possible. However, this is sometimes impossible if a home is poorly addressed. The police might respond promptly, only to pass your home numerous times before finding it. To this end, use reflective stencil lettering, have a stone wall, or use the mailbox to make your street number stand out.

Be a good neighbor

Not knowing the name of even your next door neighbor is simply unacceptable if you want to keep your home safe. Invite them over for a BBQ, attend their parties, and so on. When you have a tight bond with them, they’re more likely to report odd behavior at your home.

Lost your keys? Replace the locks now!

If you can’t find the keys, they could as well be in the wrong hands. In fact, it’s possible that you didn’t lose them; maybe they were stolen from you by someone who knows the car you drive and where you live. Changing locks right away is the surest way to re-secure your home.

Don’t hide spare key under the doormat

It’s the first place thieves look. In fact, hiding the spare key anywhere is never a good idea. Instead, hand the key to a trusted neighbor. You’ll be much safer.