What Are The 5 Differences Between 2 Star Hotels And 5 Star Hotels?

Every hotel will typically have a star rating assigned to it. How these stars are determined varies from one country to another. The star rating is meant to rate each hotel in reference to quality. Although many travelers base their decision on the star rating a hotel has there is really no standard system for rating used in the world. For example in Europe they use a four star system whereas in the United States they use five. One star is the lowest and the highest number is the best.

Who Rates The Hotels

In Europe the star ratings are normally provided by independent organizations or local government agencies. These rating can vary from city to city and country to country. What this simply means is that there is no organized measure that is used universally or even in the same town. Several organizations, travel websites and National consumer travel groups assign stars to hotels. The problem is they all use different criteria to arrive upon their rating. Therefore one hotel may have different ratings from different groups that define their stars differently. Each group will normally explain how they determine their ratings. If you are really concerned about the rating it is best that you find out who gave the rating and what their criteria was. A hotel is typically rated in accordance with the comfort and amenities it has to offer the consumer. Lets examine 5 fairly standard differences between a 2 star and 5 star hotels.

1. Service – A five star hotel will typically offer valet parking, a bellboy to carry your luggage, room service and a massage therapist for outstanding customer service. A two star hotel will typically offer none of the above. Your service will be limited to a friendly smile and a maid straightening up your room every morning.

2. Luxury – A five star hotel will be defined by luxurious settings, a distinct style and elegance beyond compare. Rooms will have only the highest quality linens. A two star hotel will typically be chain oriented and offer steadfast quality and a few amenities. Rooms will offer your basic comforts.

3. Cuisine – Most five star hotels have a chef under their employment and offer gourmet menus and room service is normally available around the clock. If you are lucky a two star hotel may have an adjoining café to dine in during normal hours.

4. Amenities – Both types of hotels will offer television and a phone. The difference will be in the quality and elegance of each. Five star hotels will typically also offer tennis courts, golf courses, basketball courts, large swimming pools, Jacuzzi tubs and a stocked refrigerator. A two star hotel may have a small pool but typically the amenities will be quite limited.

5. The Experience – It is all about the experience. A five star hotel will typically offer you an experience of a lifetime. You will be pampered and serviced in ways that are above and beyond the norm. A five star hotel should tantalize all of your senses. A two star hotel is not designed for the total experience. It is designed to offer you the basic in comfort for a descent nights rest.

As stated earlier there really is no consistent standard rating system that is universally accepted or utilized. The above differences are based upon generalities found in most rating systems. Most any hotel will offer you the basics that will provide you with a restful nights sleep. When you plan for a stay at a five star hotel you are treating yourself extra special. You are taking comfort and quality to its highest level. A two star hotel is a place to stop and rest for the night.


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The Five Most Unusual Hotels

Unusual hotels

The next time you are ready to book a vacation, consider something a little different this year. There are hotels that have that something special, a wow factor.

Some of these are constructed of ice, a remodeled prison and even one underwater. Take a look through and see if one is just what you’ve been looking for.

Entrepreneurs have seen a desire of travelers to do something out of the ordinary and have created various hotels that offer just that.

1. An Ice Hotel

If you are planning a winter get-away, why not consider staying in an ice hotel. The hotel is construct with ice and as such is temporary. It is rebuilt each year, as the temperatures rise, the walls fall so to speak.

The first ice hotel was is Sweden but now ice hotels can be found in In Canada, Norway, Romania and Finland.

Imagine sleeping on an ice bed or drinking from an ice glass.

Although this may appeal to some, for me , I don’t like the cold and I somehow don’t think I could bring a portable heater. If this is something you want to experience, then remember to take your mittens.

2. Aircraft carrier becomes a hotel

In China you can stay on an aircraft carrier. This decommissioned Russian aircraft carrier was bought by the Chinese in 1996 and used as an amusement park.

If you have always wanted to stay on an aircraft carrier but without enlisting in the Navy, now your opportunity exists. The interior is perhaps a little too tacky and lacks true style but it is what the Chinese feel western tastes are. Still, it is an experience.

3. An airplane hotel

That’s right, if you’ve got an old Boeing 747 lying around, why not convert it into a hotel. That is just the idea that Oscar Diös had when he heard there was an unused Boeing available at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport up for grabs.

Dogged determination got him the necessary permission from the airport and planning consent from the Swedish government to convert the plane into a hostel close to the airport.

So isn’t it a bit cramped you might ask? It is classified as a hostel and as such the rooms aren’t overly spacious but it is an novel idea. They offer a conference center as well as a bar.

Business guests

Several of the hotels offer conference areas and attract business clients who want something unique and inspiring to woo their guests and clients. Still others are ideal for team building scenarios and brainstorming sessions without the normal distractions so often found in larger hotels.

4. Cave hotels

If you want to see what it feels like to sleep in a cave, now you can. There are many cultures that have and still do use caves as homes . Dwelling in a cave is not only cool it can be very comfortable.

In Turkey, you can stay in a 1,000 year old Byzantine monastery which was converted to a hotel and opened in 1999.

 One of the best places to stay in the middle east” according to Forbes Magazine.

This also won a ‘best service’ award by Travelers Choice 2012.

5.Hotels in the trees

Did you have a tree-house when you were young? Perhaps it has always been your desire to get away from it all and stay in a tree-house. This exists in more than one location. In Africa you can find accommodation on stilts positioned in the trees. This offers the traveler majestic views across the savannas, perfect for watching the passing wildlife in its natural environment.

Another option is much further north, in Sweden, where you can stay in a futuristic luxury tree hotel. The luxury rooms and conference center offers the traveler tranquility and an unforgettable experience.

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