Five tips to avoid online identity theft

The majority of the fraud occurs due to disclosing of customer information from the customer end. The fraud making person find different ways to get the customer information and access the account online. The identity thief can access your account without your knowledge and finally you are become a victim. There are some tips, which can help you to protect from the possible fraud:

1. The first steps to prevent from the possible frauds are protecting your social security number. It means do not reveal social security number in any types of medium right from phone, e-mail or website. It is advisable that do not hold your Social Security Card with you. If you lost your social security card possibility of misuse of SSN is more. You must immediately inform concern government department.

2. The second most important is you do not share your personal financial information with anybody. Major banks for example, td online banking is vigilant against this practice and wil protect their users from this – but you have to play your part.It is protected against Financial Privacy Act from the respective state.

3. Please do not give any personal or bank account information to unknown e-mail, which request you to bear out your account information. You bank or Credit Card Company does not send any such types of mail.

4. If you are using home PC for online banking or shopping. You must protect your username as well as password. Please make your password in combination with alphabet, numbers and any extra letters. It is also important that you must keep your password, which you can easily reveal. If you are using shopping information you must read the privacy policy first which reveals the security. Once you confirm that your information is encrypted or protected from the hackers than you proceed ahead for enter your credit card information.

5. Protect your PC from the Firewall, antivirus software, spyware and adware. Please do not forget to remove cookies. Please set the browser security at medium level and always block the POP. When using personal online banking be vigilant to the websites you visit.

The ideal way to protect your information is you must be knowledgeable about the online operations and monitor your credit history or banking online account.